Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why is There a Sailor Farting in our Bedroom?

Every morning between 3-5am my sweet little baby girl raises her chunky little baby legs in the air and just lets it rip. I'm not talking about a cute little toot here and there, I'm talking about sailor farts. Nasty, big man farts. And they smell. Because I don't want you to vomit all over your computer, the description will stop there. Your welcome.

My newbie husband and I were foolish enough to believe that this is normal baby behavior. However, one day when discussing baby farts with a friend of his, we were informed otherwise. Walking away red-faced, we decided to do a little research on the matter.

Ok, well no real medical sites pop up when you type "stinky baby farts" into google. No big surprise. There are several forum posts out there that seem to have traced the problem to what I'm eating. It's probably the chocolate. I gave it my all to quit eating chocolate a while ago and it just didn't pan out. I have given up my looks, my breasts and other areas of my body for my baby, I will NOT give up chocolate for her.

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