Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Used to Think...

Write for 10 minutes using, "I used to think..." as your starter.

I used to think that "DO NOT PASS" road signs meant that you were not supposed to pass the sign. I thought my dad was crazy for breaking a law that was so clear.

I also used to think that "PASS WITH CARE" road signs meant that you could pass the sign but only if you cared a whole lot about something, although I wasn't sure what. So, each time we passed by this sign, I would hold my hands in prayer and look to the sky (I guess to god) and say quietly to myself, "I DO care, I DO care..."

I used to think that I would never get married. I thought this when I was growing up and my sister and I would look through JC Penny's catalogs and write down all the things that we wanted to buy for our house when we grew up. I would always buy things for the kids, but never even considered that there would be a man living in the house or that he might have an opinion.

I used to think that my sister was lying to me about sex. I always thought that there was no way people would do something that disgusting. I realized she was telling the truth one day when her good friend, who will remain nameless (because I can't remember his name), brought over a porno video in a large white video case that read "hard core". Huh, I guess people actually do that.

I used to think that god would answer my every wish. I guess I thought he was a genie, not a deity. I prayed one night for a barbie house to appear on my doorstep. I could barely sleep all night, I was so excited for my new barbie house. Oh, the things I could play with that! I woke up early the next day and opened the door to....nothing. It was then that my dad explained to me that if I wished for 10 skirts, god may only give me one, because that was all that I really needed. So, god must have thought that I didn't really need the barbie house. I didn't buy that...I DID need a barbie house.

I used to think that if I said "Bloody Mary" ten times in the mirror at midnight, a scary, bloody lady would appear in the mirror and probably jump out of it and kill me. So, I never said it.

I used to think it was amazing that my mom was never accused of a crime that she didn't commit. It happened so often on TV, I guess she let me watch too many crime dramas. No more Perry Mason, mom!

I used to think that my mom knew it all...we probably all thought that about our moms.

I used to think that even though we fought as kids, my sister and I would be friends as adults. We're not.

I used to think that my best friend's deceased uncle was actually talking to us through her Ouija Board.

I used to think that NPR was for old people. Now I love it.

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