Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm a Google Addict

I am a google addict about anything and everything. Presently under my recently searched history, I have everything ranging from "Jonestown Massacre" to "what is an exempt employee" But, of course, the main thing going on in my life right now is my baby girl. And google has seen a dramatic increase in searches regarding anything and everything related to parenting. Here's a list of my searches since the last time I cleared my history (about 2 months ago):

all about baby university
ask dr. sears
why breastfeed
attachment parenting
attachment parenting controversy
baby wise
baby wise versus attachment parenting
breastfeeding alcohol
rice cereal allergy
infant reflux maalox
infant zantac side effects
infant zantac overdose (Lily did not overdose, explanation forthcoming...)
baby gas
acid reflux infant
baby refusing cereal
baby whisperer
baby wise failure to thrive
breastfed poop
breastfed poop smell
breastfeeding research
how to clean baby bottle
how to cut baby's nails
infant birthmark
prevacid infant side effects
prevacid gassy baby
when do babies wear shoes
cloth diapers
cloth diaper seconds
how to wash cloth diapers
stripping cloth diapers
cloth diaper detergents
happiest baby on the block
bum genius
healthy sleep habits happy child
infant sleep
newborn sleep
my baby doesn't sleep
cry it out
cry it out research
is cry it out harmful
infant sclera
blue sclera
lazy eye infant
take baby temperature
solid food
make your own baby food
wholesome baby food
toys 6 months
infant massage
infant sign language
parenting news
parenting education
parenting boards
parenting forums
parenting resources
parenting links
parenting blog
parenting styles
parenting philosophies
"wonder weeks"


Katherine said...

Wow! I posted on my blog about googling (it's suddenly become a verb!) too...I favour Dr. Google not sure if he's, strictly speaking, medically trained but he has all the answers!!

Katy said...

I am not kidding...I totally just googled "Dr. Google"!! I thought it was, like, a website I missed or something. DUH!
Couldn't be, though, really, I think I've exhausted the internet on searches for anything related to parenting, there are none I have not seen! ;)