Sunday, April 12, 2009

Does your Baby have Manicured Nails?

Mine does. Well, not really. In truth, it's been over a week since her 4-month check-up and therefore over a week since I first cut her nails. Now that I've done it once the expectation would be that I will keep up with it.

But, really, they look so beautiful in this feminine state. They truely do look as if she's had a professional french manicure. The downside of all this baby beauty, however, is that I can count over 20 tiny, nail sized wounds all over my hands, arms and breasts. My husband has at least 1/2 dozen marks on his face alone.

Time to google how to properly do this. Hold the baby's palm in one of your hands and clip with your other (no sh*t). Trim them with a partner. Trim them when she's sleeping-even bringing the clippers in the car so you can trim them while she sleeps in her car seat. This is not a useful tip for a baby that screams in the car. Use your mouth- bite them off (I've done that one). Perhaps the most useful advice I've received came from a friend who suggested sitting her in front of the tv (something I otherwise would not do, but it's something she loves) and clipping them there.

Agh, my stomach aches just thinking about the pain I could inflict on my poor girl.

Hmmm...I'm looking at them now. Beautiful. Maybe I should just accept her in her womanly state and enter her in one of those baby beauty contests. Yup, that's the answer. Now I just have to take her tanning and buy her a set of falsies.

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