Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's Talk about Poop

Whoever stated that breastfed poop doesn't stink was a liar, never had children or both. Worse is the claim that it smells like buttermilk. If what's in Lily's diapers smells like buttermilk, I will pass on the buttermilk pancakes next time I'm at IHOP. There's even a popular website that touts odorless poop as a reason to breastfeed. I'm all for trying to convince people to breastfeed, but let's keep it honest.

When I google "breastfed poop smell", it becomes apparent that every baby's breastfed poop smells a little different. Some people describe it as like cream corn, apple cider vinegar, or cinnamon toast. Why all the comparisons with food? That's just nasty, folks.

Then, I came across this article. A 2006 study that required moms to sniff dirty diapers found that moms preferred the smell of their own baby's poops. This was true even when the diapers were purposefully mislabeled. Either moms just get used to their own baby's poo smells or humans have evolved to not be revolted by their own baby's smells so that the smell doesn't interfere with their ability to care for their young.

Interesting. Apparently my nose is broken or I have just not evolved in this respect. I cannot possibly be the only momma that feels this way about their little one's diapers. But, I'm apparently the only one willing to admit it. My little darling's poos don't smell like anything that I ever have eaten. I'm stating it loud and clear. My baby's poop smells like poop. And it stinks. Pass me the gas mask, please, I need to change a diaper.

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