Saturday, April 25, 2009

So I Bought a Stroller

Since Lily has been born, it has always been an issue about how to carry her when we're in public. She hates her car seat, so the travel system is out. She was obviously not strong enough to sit up in a grocery cart, yet. And because holding her was like carrying a floppy sack of potatoes, we knew that wouldn't do. So, since she was born, I've pretty much always carried her in the Moby wrap. I love my Moby! It's easy to put on (despite what it looks like in the instructions) and she can be right there, below my head, all the time.

Now that she's 5 months and has better head and back control, I thought it would be nice to buy a stroller to go for walks at the park. Given my little one's propensity to despise anything that is confining, has straps, or isn't called Momma, I knew I needed to choose carefully. And by that, I mean, I went cheap. After all, I knew that there was a good chance that it would never leave the garage.

For our first stroller outing, I decided we'd go to the mall. It was such an appealing thought, with its smooth marble floors and convenient ramps. First, let me say, if you ever want to find every stay-at-home mom in the same place at the same time, go to the mall on a weekday morning! I could not believe how many moms were walking with their little ones in tote.

So, how did our Lily Pie do? Well, it's an interesting phenomenon the first time someone else sees your baby cry before you do. But, that's what the stroller brings. Of course, I could not see her. And, for some reason she was not making noise. But, after passing two women who said, 'aww, poor thing' while looking at me with disdain, I stopped the stroller and looked at my little girl's face to see a pouty lip and a single tear running down her cheek. Talk about breaking your heart!

By the end of our little mall walk, I would say that I passed probably 30 moms with baby strollers, and I was the only mom with the diaper bag in the stroller and the baby in my arms. I'll just bring the Moby next time.

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Sweet Words said...

I looked up the Moby... and OMG.. I want one!! If we ever have another baby, I'm investing forsure!!!!