Monday, May 11, 2009

I Suck at Laundry!

AGH~ Just opened my dryer (full of laundry that's been sitting there for two days, but that's another story) and EVERYTHING is faded and rough-feeling! Some of my favorite stuff was in there!!

What happened, you ask? Well, I've been on an Oxyclean kick, and thought that since it worked so well for my cloth diapers, that I should add it to every load (JUST LIKE IT SAYS ON THE OXYCLEAN CONTAINER!) And, now, here's the result:

*waving my white flag* I give up, I'm going back to bed.


tracy said...

I found a load last night! That had been in there 24 hours :) Im not so good with remembering because I hate putting it away I think...

Katy said...

Agh, I'm the same. Hate hate hate putting it away. That could explain the gazillion piles of clean clothes scattered throughout the house.