Monday, May 25, 2009

I LOVE My Cloth Diapers!

Ok, for all of you regular readers (your check is in the mail), you know that we, how should I say it...poop problems. Especially since starting Lily on solids- Geez Louise, it's horrendous. Not only is my poor little sweet thing all stopped up, when she finally does go, it's like a monsoon- except with poop, not water.

So, on the wonderful (do I get paid if I plug them?), I found the quick 'recipe' for making plums for Lily. Plums, as you all probably know, but I didn't have a clue, are just the non-dried version of prunes. So, in other words, THEY'LL MAKE YOU GO!

We've now been feeding our sweetheart plums everyday for about a week and a half, with some success (success = poop). Well, the past couple of days have been a huge success (huge success = huge poop). Which is great and all, but I have to admit I was growing fond of only changing pee diapers.

So, as Lily and I were about to walk out the door to pick daddy up from work the other day, she had "success" (poop- well, I'm sure you get it by now). A little irritated that it happened as we were walking out, but elated that it happened at all, I call my dear hubby and tell him we'll be a few seconds late. "Seconds", because, how long can it really take to change a diaper, right?

Well, by some shear coincidence she happened to be in a disposible diaper (can't even remember why she wasn't in cloth now), and it was a disaster! Total disaster! Like, really really bad.

Up her back.

Down her legs.

On her hands.

And, eventually, in MY hair (I didn't find this out until on my way to pick up dear husband and ran my fingers through my hair only to find a bit of poo..., uh, "success" in it).

So, what was the point of this post...oh, yeh... cloth diapers...

The very next day, another "success" which was great not only because she'd "succeeded" two days in a row, but because she was wearing cloth and it ALL STAYED IN THE DIAPER. Cloth rules!

Now, I have to go clean a mud puddle out of my precious baby's cloth....

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Tiana said...

Aren't cloth diapers amazing? A lot of people seem to think that cloth diapers leak more than disposables, but in my experience the opposite is true.

I'm curious...what kind of diaper was your little one wearing that "kept it all in?".

I'm doing a study on the kinds of diapers parents use and why. I'd love to hear your and your readers opinions. You can participate in my diaper survey here:

Thanks in Advance!