Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Did 40 Things This Month

Here's my April list of 40 things I've done this month
(this is a lot harder to do than it looks):

Changed a diaper (duh, I changed probably 200).

Ate, probably, 40 pounds of chocolate (That's all? You ask. Well, I'm trying to lose the baby weight.)

Cut my baby's nails (like, once).

Played 'eat the piggies' with the baby.

Took Lily to the park for her first time.

Cussed at my baby.

Watched Oprah, Dr. Phil and Ellen on the same day (that's actually three things!)

Put my baby to sleep (over 240 times if you count her night wakings!).

Nursed Lily (close to 300 times).

Drove to Michigan (from Ohio, no big feat).

Grew a wisdom tooth (yes, I am thirty and have my first wisdom tooth coming in).

Carried Lily in my Moby.

Cleaned my house (like, once).

Found this guy and laughed my butt off (you better come back to my site after you click here!)

Did the dishes.

Made a Manwich Garden Taco Salad. Ate it all. Yum Yum Yum.

Stripped my diapers (once).

Ordered two books on amazon.

Read some books with Lily (eek...not nearly as many as I should have).

Written several website posts.

Did laundry (probably 45 loads).

Cooked baked spaghetti.

Bought a stroller.

Made BLTs.

Watched my husband make beer.

Received unsolicited parenting advice.

Started my website empire with this one little 'ole blog.

I wore a skirt! I can't believe it, but I did it!

Went to the used baby store and bought some fantastic toys for 3.50 each!

Had insomnia. Again.

Listened to Lily's sleepy-time song on repeat probably over 1000 times.

Made an EarthTainer (Ok, my husband made it, but the baby and I watched and you better come back to my site after you click here!).

Started Lily on solids.
Started sleeping in 3 and 4 hour stretches (we are really celebrating this one!)

Bought a Ladies Home Journal...

Read every article...

Realized I was old.


Sweet Words said...

Love the list... I think if I was to make one... WOW, it would be WAY too long!! I have to say, your little girl is such a cutie, cant wait to see pics of her in my leg warmers?!

parentingBYdummies said...

Grew my first wisdom tooth this year, too. Also grew a cavity in it that I am going to have filled soon. Don't blame me, I was not paying any attention to the new little bugger b/c I had no idea that in my 30th year I would sprout a new tooth. So, sorry if my lack of attention caused you to decay a bit. You should have come in like 15 years ago when the rest of them did.