Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Bellydance in the Shower

Some people sing in the shower. Some people talk to themselves or think to themselves or just get right to the business of taking a shower. I, on the other hand, bellydance in the shower. I say this not to provide you with yet another disturbing image of motherhood, there are enough of those already (have you read my Poop posts?). I say this because this is, yet again, a drastic departure from my former, pre-baby self.

A few months ago, taking a shower was all about speed and efficiency. Lily would just be laying around or quietly playing in her bouncy seat on the other side of the shower curtain. And I knew that I had to go FAST. She could usually last about 6 1/2 minutes before her waterworks would start. I look back on those days with fondness, now.

Seeing all the different, wonderful stages that babies go through is an amazing experience. One of my most favorite transformations in Lily so far is how amazingly aware she is. She notices everything. She notices when Daddy walks in the room. Or when someone is talking to her in the grocery store. She watches the tv as we pass by it. She notices everything.

Probably the most life changing part of her newfound awareness is that she notices when she cannot see me. I walk out of the room, she looks around, cries within seconds. It wouldn't matter if Daddy was holding her or if the boogeyman was. She'd cry.

This includes when she cannot see me in the shower. Here's the routine:

Sit Lily in her bouncy seat
Turn on the water
Get in the shower
Close curtain only half way
Start talking to Lily immediately (this works for about 20 seconds)
Start singing to Lily ('you are my sunshine...'-about another 20 seconds)
Wave my hand out of the shower curtain, usually while making some silly noises (yup, 20 seconds)

By this point, I know what I must do. I step out from under the shower head, look at Lily, wave my arms in the air, and dance, dance dance. I do bellydances, hula dances, ra-cha-cha- dances (my husband's favorite). She smiles. She laughs.

I then step back under the shower head and she cries again. We start over. Amazingly, even with all this rigamoral, I still manage to keep my showers under 7 minutes.

After contemplating this present shower dilemma, I consulted my good friend, google and found this device:

A Water Mesh Sling

It's a mesh, waterproof baby sling that allows you to wear your baby while you shower. The description even says that it is appropriate to use in the pool, at the beach or in the shower. Huh. I have a couple of thoughts about this.

1. How will I wash my belly, breasts and neck?

2. Isn't this akin to drowning my baby? How would I even rinse my hair without soaking her?

You all know I am a baby wearer. I LOVE wearing Lily. To the grocery store. Around the house. Going for a walk. But, in the shower? Huh. Interesting idea, but, I just don't think I get it. Any showering baby wearers out there? I'd love to hear about the logistics of this one.


Deb said...

Well, that means that you are getting clean AND getting a workout :)

I think that shower sling would have freaked my kids out. My thoughts about that are the same as yours--I would love to hear about the logistics.

Katy said...

I like how you think, Deb. I never thought of my shower dance routine as a workout! Excellent point!

Sweet Words said...

Love the honesty! Never would have thought to bellydance..hehe! I am a take as long as I can in the shower kinda girl, and hummmm!! That is when I actually get the chance to do so :P I love the Water Mesh Sling, so wish I had that with Sweet Baby!!

Sweet Words said...

I just finished reading your thoughts on the mesh sling.. and lets say, I have to agree. Although I think I might only use this in the pool, or after I've showered and my hubby passed baby over.. but then I would just bath her.

Sarah said...

You know what I did?? I invested in a clear shower curtain. Jack watches me in the shower, and he is a happy baby. They sell some decent quality ones with suction cups on the side and magnets on the bottom for about $5. I have a good bathroom fan, so it does not steam up too bad.

Katy said...

Sarah-that is a good idea. I've always seen them in the stores and thought,"who the heck would buy a clear shower curtain?" Duh- moms, of course!

joanne driscoll said...

well you know what, i am just like you.. did all those stuffs.. so i made an idea before about baby carrier like that and i didn't even know that there is one that existed already.. but you see my idea is different coz it has features that can help you clean the unreachables.. went to inventhelp in braintree massachusetts to discuss about this idea but unfortunately after i talked about this to them and explained already then they explained that we have pay them and guess what? i didn't have the money but they got my idea already.. and the worst thing is that i left my statement of confidentiality in there.. coz my baby started to fuss... it's so aggravating because i just have a feeling that sooner or later my idea will be out there and i got nothing and people won't even know me at all... i just really don't trust people.. the opportunity is really in their hands now and i got nothing of hold towards them. it's either they will be honest and not cheat where only a few can do... or just take advantage of people like me and fill up their pockets even more. hope they'll be honest.