Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Push-Ups Kick My Ass

Apparently, push-ups are good to help you with any problem area (including flabby stomach, dimply butt, and spaghetti arms), because this is the only move that's included in every damn workout DVD out there!

But, I actually like that push-ups are included on every DVD because it means that there is at least one chance every DVD where I get to walk into the kitchen and pour myself a nice cold glass of water (or vodka) without having to hit the stop button on my DVD player.

Why don't I do the push-ups? In 5 simple words:

Because They Kick My Ass.

Simple as that. I'm no hero. I'm not doing this to show off. I don't want to do a faceplant into my carpet. Seriously, there has GOT to be another exercise that can help me get rid of the wiggly jiggly under my arm. Really.

And while I'm on the topic of exercises that suck: Plank exercises. I was first introduced to these beauties on my Wii Fit. In no way is my body ever supposed to be in this position:

unless I'm lying with my back flat on the ground. In the snow. About to make a snow angel. Who thought of this?


Lyndsey said...

OMG! I was laughing out loud at this post! I HATE HATE HATE push ups...actually, I can't even manage ONE push up. I've also noticed how they're in like EVERY workout DVD ever created...and they always show women doing them without even breaking a sweat...what's with THAT?!

Katy said...

Exactly- so I'm in my livingroom watching these super fit women doing 100 push-ups, and I'm not only doing the girly push-ups with my knees, but I'm doing them against the wall- not even on the floor! I'm such a fitness loser!

Julie said...

So, ironically, I found your blog by googling... and, again, ironically, I googled, "breastfed baby starting solids poop" Of course the only "time" I have to do this is while breastfeeding (of course). You had me laughing so hard that I was crying...and almost woke my monster up with the shaking from all the laughing I was doing...
Just have to say, I'm loving your blog! Thanks for the humor! It's needed during these long summer days home with a 5 month old! :) You'll be on my daily blog list...Thanks again! :)

klawellin said...

I would love to follow!

Coming from the MBC 100! ; )

Sarah Maizes said...

Hi, following from MBC! Hope you'll check out mine at www.mommylite.blogspot.com.